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Millis Dentist

Where can I find a Millis Dentist?

For a Millis dentist with an established reputation for friendly and conscientious care, look no further than Brilliant Smiles Family Dental. Our state-of-the-art practice is equipped to meet the needs of patients of all ages, providing a comprehensive menu of dental services to prevent and treat a wide range of oral health issues. By establishing long-lasting relationships with our patients, we hope to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

Millis Dentist

While the common cold is the most frequent and universal health ailment, the prevalence of dental decay puts this oral health condition close behind in second place. Cavities are almost entirely preventable but left untreated can lead to tooth sensitivity, compromise healthy tooth structure, affect the vital tissues inside the tooth and even cause an infection or tooth loss. It’s actually simple to prevent decay. With an effective homecare routine of regular brushing, flossing, healthy eating, and scheduling a biannual exam and teeth cleaning with your Millis dentist, you can maintain optimal oral health. Cavities occur when harmful bacteria accumulates into a sticky film called plaque. These bacteria feed off the sugars in the food we eat, and create acids that erode the tooth’s surface. At Brilliant Smiles Family Dental, our professional team places an emphasis on preventive care, performing comprehensive exams and thorough cleanings to make sure your smile remains healthy. What’s more, we educate every patient in the optimal methods of maintaining an effective oral hygiene regimen at home. For our pediatric patients, who are often most susceptible to cavities, we recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which reduce the risk of tooth decay.

For more information on our treatment options, or to schedule an appointment with a Millis dentist, give us a call today. Our friendly staff will ensure you feel comfortable as soon as you step in the door. When you choose Brilliant Smiles Family Dental, you can be sure that you are leaving your oral health in excellent hands.

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